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Monday, 22 February 2010

Check Up – 6th February 2010

This check up was a little crazy but nevertheless a GOOD one. A little crazy? Well, Jacob, Aidan's Papa was out of the country for work and therefore Mummy(Pam) had to manage the 80 km drive to the hospital, the check up and afterward the return journey of another 80km with the help of Kakak (our ever so patient and sweet natured maid)

The initial part of the check up went like clock work. The nurses at Chemo Day Care drew Aidan's blood, ran the test and Whala!!!!! His Hemoglobin count was at an all time high of 15!

Then we went over to the Doctor's clinic to see Aidan's trusted doctor. However there was no sign of him. Aidan started getting very restless after an hour of waiting and it was no better with me (Pam). We waited and waited and after 3 hours of waiting Aidan's doctor finally arrived. I was ready to huff and puff when he said that he had just come from the ward and had been consoling a family whose child had had a relapse and had a very slim chance of recovery.

My heart felt like someone had reached in and squeezed it. We could easily have been in that situation.

I realized then, more so than ever before how much we had to be thankful for….. Aidan's doctor himself mentioned to me that we should be so thankful that Aidan responded to treatment so well.

The three hour wait became so minute an issue in comparison to what I had just heard.

Everyday we watch Aidan grow and interact more and more with his siblings. He has also learnt to kick the ball really well too. What more could we ask God for???

God has indeed been merciful and kind to us!!!!

Aidan's next check up is on 8th April 2010.

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