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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Latest Pics...

Aidan having a great time at his Paternal Grandparents place on New Year's Day

Aidan standing in his playpen at home

Aidan at his Great Grandma's 89th Birthday


  1. My name is Heather,Mom to Zoey Grace who shares much in common with your beautiful son.I believe I commented once before and I am unsure how I stumbled upon your blog not too long ago.Zoey has now been out of treatment for AML M7 since June '09.Hard to believe that time has passed so quickly.We look at the journey of the last year and a half and we feel so blessed to be on this side of things.Your Aidan seems to be doing remarkable well.He is a gorgeous boy.We will keep him in our thought and prayers come February 8th,at his next check up.Zoey has her 2 month check on the 15 as well.Always a stressful time but we once again put our trust in God,that he wil carry our little love through whatever lies ahead.Just thought I would say hello again.Keep soaking up the beauty of these days because we know,more then most,how very,very precious our moments,all of them,are.