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Monday, 14 December 2009

Monthly Check Up – October, November & December

Why no updates one might have asked? What's happened? Well, we have had another family drama. This time it was my (Pam) Mom. She developed something called diverticulitis at the end of September and I have had to once again be in and out of hospital. She finally had surgery on 3rd November '09 and spent 3 long weeks in hospital but is now well on the road to recovery. It is now December and I have just realised that I have spent 10 out of 12 months of this year in and out of hospitals.

Jacob and I have decided to call this year a year of "Blessings in the midst of Trials" because although we've been through so much, God has been with us every step of the way. What more could one ask for?

Aidan's monthly check ups have thankfully been going well. His blood counts are good and his doctor is very happy with his recovery.

At his last check up on Saturday, 5th December '09, the doctor mentioned that his check ups will now be bimonthly.

Looking back, Aidan went into treatment a baby and has emerged from it a big boy. It is such a joy to watch him walk, laugh and play. How much we take for granted? Aidan's illness has made so many things in life look so trivial. It certainly has changed our perspective of life.

My daughter Allison who is 13, said the most beautiful thing to me a few days ago. She said that she was thankful that God gave Aidan to us. She said that it was because of Aidan that I am a homemaker today. She and Abraham my second child say that they never want me to work. They love having me at home and don't mind forgoing the luxuries of life that we could have if I too had a job.

Aidan's illness has taught us to live each day to the fullest. It has made us realise how fragile life really is. It has also shown us that it is the trials that refine us and make us stronger. It has taken our FAITH to a different level.

To all who have continued to pray for my darling Aidan, I say a HUGE Thank You! We would never have survived this journey on our own. I will continue to update you with the latest developments from time to time. And pictures too……..

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