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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Chemo Day Care – 28th August 2009

This update is long overdue. We had a small technical problem with the blog but that's been rectified by Godpa.

I(Pam) was blessed with a short holiday from 24th – 27th August. Jacob had a meeting in Singapore and I decided to tag along. It was a short break that we both so needed. Grandma and Grandpa looked after the brood while we were away.

During the holiday, I had a lot of time to myself and every day I prayed that Aidan would not have to go through another blood transfusion on 28th August. (The day after we returned from our holiday). It is such an ordeal for us all to sit through a 4 hour transfusion and also not knowing if he will react badly to it.

On the 28th August, as per the routine, we got to Chemo Day Care early in the morning. The nurses drew blood from Aidan (They now have to draw blood from his vein since the Chemo Port has been removed) and sent it for testing.

The results came back and I couldn't believe my eyes. His haemoglobin reading was 13.3. The highest reading to date!!! I knew right then that God had answered my prayers. The nurses on the other hand were uncertain of the reading, so they sent another sample to the main lab for a second reading. The results were the same.

When the doctor came, he said that the earlier result on 22nd August could have been a mistake as medically one's body cannot generate red blood cells that fast.

I however know that I have a God whose ways defy science and logic. God had indeed answered my prayers. What a great and amazing God we have.

Aidan will now have to go for monthly check ups. His next check up is on 23rd September.

Jacob and I continue to trust God and know that Aidan is destined for great things. I welcome you to continue with us on this journey of seeing God's Master Plan at work in my fiery little one who stays true to his name. Aidan means Little Fire.


  1. My name is Heather,our little fighter Zoey was just released from the hospital in June after her final round of chemo for AML M7 as well.Your Aidan is a warrior also and we will keep him in our prayers as you continue to walk this path.God Bless his courageous body and carry him through the days ahead.Thank you for sharing him.He is so very darling!!

  2. By the way ... Zoey means ... Life.