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Friday, 4 September 2009

Chemo Day Care - 25th May 2009

I(Pam) call this Chemo Day Care disaster day. Jacob had left for Munich on 23rd May. I was holding the fort alone. We got to Chemo Day Care and as usual Aidan’s blood was drawn for testing. The results came out and all seemed ok except for his neutrophils (this is the immune system) I knew that Aidan had a fever and his neutrophils were at 1%. Our doctor had warned us that Aidan would need to get admitted if he developed a fever.

I had told Audrey, my sister, to come in on Monday just in case as I already had a feeling that Aidan would be admitted. I did not say anything to Jacob as I did not want to worry him while he was away. Call it mothers instincts…. Aidan’s doctor insisted that he be admitted. I left Audrey and Kakak (our maid) with Aidan, rushed back to Seremban which is approximately 80km from the hospital, packed all our stuff and returned to the hospital. Allison, our oldest daughter who is 13 this year, stayed in Seremban with my parents. Abraham, our hero who is 4 years old this year came with me. My dear sister in-law, Becky, came to get him from the hospital and he stayed with my in-laws while the maid and I got “comfortable” in the hospital with Aidan. This stay was even more difficult than the earlier one as Aidan had to be on the bed at all times. He was on drip 24/7. What would I do without family? Let me not forget Rick and Grace (Rick is my cousin and Grace is his wife) who got their maid to prepare Aidan’s food daily. What a blessing that was. I told you God provided for us in every way. Their maid also made sure she had something prepared for me and insisted I had it before I rushed back to the hospital.

Jacob came back from his trip to Europe on Saturday, 30th May. I left Audrey in charge at the hospital, drove to Seremban, picked Allison, had lunch with her, we then drove to the airport and picked Jacob up and then headed to the hospital. Aidan was finally discharged on Monday, 1st June. Wow!! A whole month has flown by.

On the day of discharge Godma Evelyn (Evelyn is my cousin and is also Aidan’s Godmother) came to help. Now what would I do without Godma? Except she decided to desert me to visit Godpa Anand (Godpa & Godma became an item after Aidan’s baptism) at the same time that Jacob was away! She however has always been there for Aidan ever since he was born and is still continuing to do so. She is our regular ray of sunshine at the hospital.

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