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Friday, 4 September 2009

The Operation - Insertion of Chemo Port...

Aidan underwent an operation on 29th April 2009 to insert a chemo Port. Before the Operation, we were requested to get someone to donate blood platelets for Aidan which would be administered to him during the operation as his platelets were low. Alex Wenzel, a good friend of ours was in the hospital within 15 minutes of our call.

My darling Aidan looked like a little angel in his long hospital gown. The nurses made a balloon for him out of a glove while waiting for the doctors to arrive. I held him while they sedated him, then they took him from me. My heart pained within me as I watched my helpless little one being taken from me.... but I prayed knowing that life and death..... and above all our lives... are in God’s hands.

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