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Friday, 4 September 2009

Chemo Day Care - 6th August 2009

After the last hospitalisation, Aidan has not developed any fever. However, he did develop chills every time we flushed his chemo port, which I thought was kind of strange.

When we went for his check-up on 6th August, we mentioned it to the nurses. As per the routine, the nurses drew his blood and sent it for testing. When the results came, it showed that Aidan had developed an infection at the Chemo Port inlet.

The doctor explained that the infection was causing the chills. Since Aidan was due for a Lumbar Puncture and Bone Marrow and would be under sedation, the doctor suggested that we remove the chemo port too. I was more than happy to agree. What a relief it would be, not having to worry about whether Aidan would pull it out or whether it would come off when he tossed and turned while sleeping. Not to mention having to clean and flush the port all the time. I sometimes think the Chemo Port caused us more trauma compared to the hospitalisation.

The procedures were done. I prayed that Aidan would not react badly to any of the procedures and thankfully he did not.

We went home happy that it was ALL OVER.

We could not be more thankful for this journey. It has made us value life and redefine what's important and what's not. It has above all been a journey of FAITH. Trusting God for every single thing, from the big things such as finances, to the small things such as someone to prepare meals for Aidan when we couldn't.

We could never thank all those who have been on this journey with us enough. Many prayer warriors have supported us in prayer, some we know personally while others we don't and yet you were kind enough to pray for my little fire, Aidan. We would never have made it through without each of the angels God sent our way. May my God who is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, bless each of you abundantly……..

Aidan's next check up will be on 22nd August, this coming Saturday. Updates of the check up will follow soon after.

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