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Friday, 4 September 2009

Chemo Day Care - 25th June 2009

Aidan went in for his check up today. I(Pam) held my breath waiting for the blood test results. 10 minutes seemed to take longer than usual. Finally the nurse came to our bed with the results. All was ok except for his haemoglobin. The doctor had already cautioned us during discharge that Aidan might require a blood transfusion. As the doctor had predicted, Aidan’s haemoglobin was low and he required blood transfusion.

I exhaled, then got comfortable knowing that it was going to be a long day as the blood transfusion takes 4 hours. I lay in bed with Aidan as they hooked up the drips. We had come in at 9.15am and left the hospital only at 3.40pm. What a long day it had been.

We got home an hour later tired but thankful that all had gone well. (We were warned that some children react badly to blood transfusion, with symptoms such as chills or fever).

God has indeed answered our prayers, Aidan has not developed a fever since his discharge and continues to eat well and is now getting better at balancing while he learns to walk. He has also recently started saying Pa Pa Pa – for his Dad and Ma Ma Ma – for me, his Mum and not forgetting his favourite word Mum Mum – for food. He loves his food.

Come Monday, 29th June 2009, it will be exactly two months since Aidan was diagnosed with Leukaemia. How time has flown! Now we can see a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. Come 6th July, Aidan will undergo the last round of Chemo. What joy just to pen down the word “Last”.

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