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Friday, 4 September 2009

The Funds For Treatment...

We were told by the doctor that the treatment would come to anything from RM50K – RM80K. Where would we go for that sort of amount? During this time of figuring out the finances, we were blssed to have Aunt Marianne and Great Aunt Mavis over at our place. They gave us insight and tips with regards to the funds with God given wisdom. Aunt Marianne also prayed with us one morning at 1am after a lengthy discussion with Jacob and myself regarding the financing. Once again, we were able to see God’s hand on us. We were able to secure a Personal Loan of RM70K. Praise God!!

Many friends have called asking if we needed financial help. It would have been very difficult for us to ask anyone for money but we thank God that we have been able to secure the loan and now we are able to finance Aidan’s treatment on our own.

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  1. Hi Pam and Jacob,
    Praise God!! All seems to be ging well with ur treatment. Our God is mighty to save and he never abandons his people. My mum was diagnosed a mnth ago with stage 3 ovarian cancer and she is undergoin 3chemos followed by a surgery in Nov. Ps keep her in your prayers. I was surfin the net learning about chemo etc and saw ur blog. My email id is alysha.al@gmail...May all go well with ur family and may God shower his grace on u all. Luv frm India ....Alysha