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Friday, 4 September 2009

Chemo Day Care - 4th June 2009

As usual Thursday is Chemo Day Care Day. We went in and as usual the nurses drew blood from my feisty little fellow. The results came and the haemoglobin was slightly low. I was so afraid that the doctor was going to order a blood transfusion. Thank God!! Doc says not necessary. We left the hospital around 12pm. The earliest so far at Chemo Day Care.

We then went over to Uncle John & Aunty Susie’s (my relatives) place for lunch before we headed back to Seremban on that 80km drive. Aidan had his lunch and had a great time playing at their place. We have been blessed with not one but two homes that are about 15 minutes away from the hospital that we can go to for anything at all anytime we need to. Rick & Grace also live close to the hospital.

When we came home, Aidan’s staple food was Spinach and Liver. At all costs, I was going to avoid another blood transfusion for Aidan!

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