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Friday, 4 September 2009

Check Up - 22nd August 2009

Yesterday was supposed to be Aidan’s routine check up. We were requested to go to the Doctor’s Clinic this time.

Since it was a Saturday, Jacob and I(Pam) decided to take Aidan for his check up instead of the normal routine of Kakak Esther (our maid) and I.

We had to get his blood tested at the lab before seeing the doctor. Since there is no more Chemo Port to draw blood from, they had to prick Aidan’s finger instead. Not much of a drama there except that Aidan didn’t like being held down against his will and made his feelings known to all concerned.

The results came an hour later and alas, his haemoglobin was low. The minimum reading as per the doctor, is 10 and Aidan’s reading was 7.7.

The doctor says this could be due to the infection he had earlier.

Therefore we will have to go back next Friday, 28th August, for a blood transfusion. (Unless his reading goes up in the next couple of days... which is not impossible……)

Will keep you updated after the next check up this coming Friday.

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  1. Such a strong boy your Aidan. I hope he continues to get better.